Unique Wordpress sites

100% Seo 100% Performance 100% Custom code with the best practice Ready-made and custom functionality for business

Steps of work

  • 01

    Creating a design


    the step can be performed outside of our cooperation (for example, with a designer) or you can show examples of analog sites or sites whose design and functionality you like

  • 02

    Creating a custom (own) Wordpress theme


    it consists of creating page markup code (blocks), styles and functionality. The code is written manually, checked for validity (correctness), optimizability, compliance with best practices

  • 03

    Filling the site with content


    adding real texts (if "fish" was used in the design),
    adding and optimizing media content (if placeholders were used in the design),
    for online stores - adding products (can be done after the site is placed online)

  • 04

    Site optimization check


    optimization is monitored at all steps of website creation. Sometimes some minor optimization may be required before the end of the work

  • 05

    Working on pages SEO


    despite the fact that the originally created site has 100% technical SEO, the site pages still need search SEO - titles and descriptions of pages that will be displayed in search results in search engines and SEO text that will contribute to ranking

  • 06

    Adding structured markup


    adding special hidden markup for search robots so that the robots during indexing pages accurately "understand" the purpose and meaning of the content

  • n

    Placing the site on the web and informing search engines about the site

    (can be performed at any step)


    installing a website on hosting, installing a domain name, adding a website to Google search and any other (if necessary), adding analytics code to the website (if necessary)